Jean-Louis Bessède - the blue tree, 2020 (detail)

Jean-Louis Bessede / Jean-Louis Bessède

December 9, 2020

Jean-Louis Bessède is a French painter, sculptor, and designer who uses all possible means to make the matter speak, seeking to extract the soul, sublimating and spiritualizing it. He employs various modes of action in exalted gestures, creating anonymous figures that resemble some barbaric, magic-religious, or shamanic ritual. These mythical characters search for their genesis, representing a quest for introspective knowledge of oneself. Jean-Louis Bessède graduated from the National School of Fine Arts of Toulouse and spent almost a decade working as a designer at the Salon des Ateliers d'Art in Paris.

Featured image: Jean-Louis Bessède - the blue tree, 2020 (detail). Mixed media on paper. 46 1/10 × 35 2/5 in. 117 × 90 cm. This is a unique work. Photo courtesy of Galerie 22