Jean Metzinger - Nu Couch (Reclining Figure), detail, 1946, photo via

Jean Metzinger / Jean Dominique Antony Metzinger

Fauvism, Cubism, Neo-Impressionism, Pointillism
Paul Cezanne - Bathers at Rest, 1904
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The meanings attached to the bath and bathing are manifold. Here is a selection of ten most notable early modernist paintings depicting nude bathers.

Pablo Picasso - Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, 1907 (detail) - Image via wikimediaorg
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Presenting the most radical avant-garde alteration of traditional art forms, we present the eleven Cubist paintings that were essential to modern art development

Juan Gris - Portrait of Pablo Picasso
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The paintings and sculptures of the most renowned Cubist artists introduced new perspectives and shook the course of history of art to its core for good.

Eugene Delacroix - Horse Frightened by Lightning, 1825-29
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Read about the rich history of horse painting and the most famous paintings of horses by Romanticism masters like Theodore Gericault and Eugene Delacroix.