Jean Tinguely portrait, 1988 - Photo by Vera Isler

Jean Tinguely

Kinetic Art, Dada
Jasper Johns - Three Flags, 1958
Art History   |   Maria R

What is the legacy of 1950s art? Deeply rooted in post war cultural and political context, the 1950s art movements massively influenced contemporary art in general.

Isa Genzken - Schauspieler, 2014
Top Lists   |   Angie Kordic

How do we define assemblage art? These are the world's most prominent assemblage artists, who took the medium of collage to a three-dimensional level.

Rosaline de Thélin, TIME SMILES, Homos Luminosos, 2008 - 2010

Celebrating the dynamism and movement in art, Kinetic Art quickly rose to glory, leaving behind a plethora of amazing artists who push the boundaries of motion