Jeff Robb - Unnatural Causes #1, 2013 (detail)

Jeff Robb

November 27, 2020

Jeff Robb is a British artist known for his lenticular photographic fine art, focusing on the female nude and abstract forms in space. He graduated with Distinction from the Royal College of Art in 1992 with a Master’s degree in Fine Art Holography and has since been continually making art, ceaselessly experimenting with three-dimensional imaging. Inspired by the nude female form – its countless permutations of body/composition, facial expression, and light, provide both a technical challenge and fascinating problem for the artist to solve. Robb also finds inspiration in his chosen medium – Lenticular Photography, a complicated, expensive process that captures the world and its subjects in a strange, wonderful blend of photography and sculpture. His work, a 2-dimensional print with 3-dimensional illusory properties, suspends the viewer’s perception of reality. The artist feels that this suspension is of great importance for our minds to feel, considering that we (particularly in the Western World) live in a spiritual vacuum. “We need magical inspiration in our lives and I’d like to share a sense of this in my work.” Aside from lenticular photography, Jeff Robb works in a variety of mediums, including painting, bronze, and silver cast sculpture, reflection and transmission holography, photography, film, laser light, and sound installations.

Featured image: Jeff Robb - Unnatural Causes #1, 2013 (detail). Lenticular Print. 39 2/5 × 39 2/5 in. 100 × 100 cm. Edition of 9 + 2 AP. This is part of a limited edition set. Photo courtesy Echo Fine Arts