Jess Burgess - A Mille-fuille, 2020 (detail)

Jess Burgess

Figurative Art

November 20, 2020

Jess Burgess is a British artist who merges traditional painterly techniques and compositions of everyday activities with influences of technology and the digital age to portray a contemporary perspective of the world. Her research examines the impact of the virtual space of the digital screen on the way we view the world, in particular the habit of simultaneously viewing many windows full of disconnected images. These works include a collage of disparate layers that are flattened together to make a unified image, an action done through painting.

The result is a unique viewpoint that questions the end of one image and the beginning of the next, which disrupts the pictorial composition while simultaneously merging engaging and relatable images. Burgess’ subject matter – images of women, interiors, and objects, in some way, convey her experiences and anxieties, though from a distance. Due to her research through the virtual window, she can reflect on how, as a painter, technology impacts the way she looks, thinks, and works. Jess Burgess studied at Norwich University of the Arts, where she completed her BA (2016) and MA (2017) in Fine Art.

Featured image: Jess Burgess - A Mille-fuille, 2020 (detail). Oil, acrylic on linen. 49 x 39 cm. This is a unique work. Photo courtesy Artistellar