Jet Martinez self

Jet Martinez

Urban Art, Abstract Art

March 25, 2014

Jet Martinez's paintings reinterpret the Mexican folk art of Amate paintings, which depict birds and other animals within bright botanical scenery. Though stylized in a flat, graphic manner, the use and application of color create vibrance - static imagery celebrating life at its most ecstatic. Martinez begins with a traditional rendering, and then integrates his own visual language.

Jet Martinez  lives and works in Oakland and San Francisco, CA, where he is currently the art director for the Clarion Alley Mural Project (CAMP) in the Mission District. Jet received his B.F.A in Painting and Printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2001 and studied Spanish Literature at the University of Colorado, Boulder (1992-1995). Jet Martinez is the recipient of the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Art in Grant (2009), the Port of Oakland/ Oakland Arts Council Grant for Artists (2005), and the Ivan Majdrakov Award in Painting, SFAI (2000-2001).

Jet Martinez’s work has been shown extensively nationally (such as Chicano Biennial, Museo de Arte y Cultura Latino Americano, San José, CA; Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ) and internationally (such as Mimi Mayer, Haas&Mayer Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland; Ichy’s Gallery, Tokyo, Japan). Jet Martinez created commissioned murals for the San Francisco Arts Commission/Department of Public Works, San Francisco, CA; the San José Federal Building, San José, CA; the Oakland International Airport, Oakland, CA and has significantly contributed to public art in San Francisco, San Diego, and other major cities outside of the United States (Oaxaca, Mexico; Zurich, Switzerland). He was the first artist-in-residence at Facebook Headquarters.