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Joachim Biehler

Sculpture, Installation, Performance Art, Photography

July 17, 2015

Joachim Biehler was born in 1981 in Strasbourg. He received the National Superior Diploma of Expression of Plastic Arts (DNSEP) of the Superior School of Art of Perpignan.

Familiar with the contemporary art milieu, he knows any of its subtleties or references, and enjoys twisting them with humor. Most of his works play an attraction-repulsion game. In the “like project”, one of his first series, Joachim substituted his face from contemporary art icons’ ones, such as ORLAN or Jeff Koons. The photomontage, a bit disturbing, makes us smile and wonder about the young generation’s place in this well-organized star-system.

“Big sugar vanity” is also based on an ambivalent process: candies appeal and disgust us at the same time, placing us in direct confrontation with the vanity symbol. As a consequence, we connect sugar with our annihilating, blinded, consuming, warrior society. This work rests on a system of paradoxes. Through candies, Joachim captures a part of our senses: sight, sense of smell, taste. Our emotions are torn by the artist’s use of a material which deeply reminds us of childhood and feelings of immediate affection. Vanity reveals itself as a metaphor of today’s society, where the human being, often unconscious, sinks into warrior madness. With humor, poesy and irony, Joachim Biehler calls for a return to feelings.