John Chamberlain, photo credits Observer

John Chamberlain / John Angus Chamberlain

Sculpture, Abstract Art, Assemblage Art
Robert Rauschenberg, broche, vers 1990
Exhibition Announcements   |   Elena Martinique

The extensive artist jewelry collection by Diane Venet will be shown in Paris alongside exceptional loans from galleries, collectors and the artists’ families.

Sotheby's Auction - Image via newsoftheartworldcom
Art News, Art Market   |   Andrey V.

As four major auction houses prepare artworks, the stage is set for the November's mega-sale season in New York that promises to shatter all records.

Jasper Johns - Three Flags, 1958
Art History   |   Maria R

What is the legacy of 1950s art? Deeply rooted in post war cultural and political context, the 1950s art movements massively influenced contemporary art in general.

Art History, Socially Engaged Art   |   Bojan Maric

Let us start a discussion on what Recycled Art means, who are recycled artist and where can art from recycled materials come from.