John Clement

Geometric abstraction

March 15, 2021

John Clement is an American sculptor who stands out among peers for continuing to embrace the art form of cutting and welding steel himself. Fresh out of college, he was fortunate enough to have apprenticed under acclaimed artists Marc di Suvero and John Henry, where he learned about the physical properties of the material and the dynamics of working with monumental-scale sculpture. When Clement started working on his own, he applied the acquired knowledge by creating sculptures in curvilinear forms, breaking the genre's boundaries by constantly playing with the ideas of form. Using steel pipes, the coils and arcs became his signature style, as if he was making doodles in space. Depending on the pipes' thickness, the shapes can suggest lithe scribbles or have a more audacious and gargantuan presence. While the artist focuses primarily on large-scale outdoor work, he continues to create smaller works. Based in Brooklyn, NY, John Clement has exhibited his sculptures throughout the United States and has worked on many site-specific public art commissions and corporate installations.