John Henderson - Untitled Painting, 2017 (detail)

John Henderson


June 22, 2013

An American painter, John Henderson creates works that revolve around the use of copper electrotype, raw patina, and dye sublimation on polyester. Through his practice, he expands and develops an engagement with abstract painting and its conditions.

Born in 1984 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Henderson lives and works in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois and Northwestern University, Illinois. He exhibited worldwide, including Perrotin in New York, Paris and Hong Kong, Proyectos Monclova in Mexico and T293 in Rome, among others.

Henderson uses a wide range of technologies and techniques, from molds, castings and digital printing to video and photography. Reforming, revising, and reproducing the manual painterly expression, his works invoke Minimalism and Abstract Expressionism while acknowledging a distance from their unmediated practice. As he explained, he is interested "in a rather outdated conception of the painterly gesture, or the "artist's touch", as a kind of signifier of originality." While the originals are very much present in the final works, there is a certain loss of information inherent to the translation. His works are assembled through a conceptual framework of best-guesses, suppositions, estimations, and reversals.

Featured image: John Henderson - Untitled Painting, 2017 (detail). Oil on canvas. 30 × 24 in. 76.2 × 61 cm. Photo courtesy Perrotin