John Joseph Hanright - Whiteout, 2019 (detail)

John Joseph Hanright

Pop Art

November 4, 2020

John Joseph Hanright is an American artist known for his thought-provoking and sexy combinations of Conceptual Art, Americana, Pop culture, and derived from life in the ’50s to the present day. Creating since he was a child, he resided in Laguna Beach, CA, after high school, where he was exposed to California Contemporary Art and alternate methods of painting and assemblage. Spending some time in Thailand brought even further ideas of concept and the importance of “Text” within his works. During college, working with wax and abstract assemblage led to breakthroughs within his paintings – John began mixing collage, text, and painting to give his works more complex meaning. He holds a degree in Painting and Fine Art from Montserrat College of Art, Beverly, MA.

Featured image: John Joseph Hanright - Whiteout, 2019 (detail). Vintage Ephemera, Acrylic, Resin on Panel. 36 × 36 × 3 in. 91.4 × 91.4 × 7.6 cm. Photo courtesy Whistler Contemporary