Jorge Mendez Blake - Black Lighthouse II, 2016 (detail)

Jorge Mendez Blake / Jorge Méndez Blake

Conceptual Art

August 2, 2013

A Mexican mixed-media conceptual artist, Jorge Méndez Blake is best known for building walls and connecting their history to literature. In his work, literature becomes a tool that articulates situations, places and objects where each piece is full of theoretical meanings related to one another.

Méndez Blake was born in 1974 in Guadalajara, Mexico, where he currently lives and works. His work has been the subject of solo exhibitions in museums such as Casa de México in Spain; Kunsthalle Mulhouse, France; MARFA Contemporary; the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver and the Museum of Latin-American Art, Los Angeles, United States; among others.

Throughout his career, Méndez Blake has been exploring the possible relations between literature and fine arts, and has developed a large body of work with drawings, sound works, sculptures and videos that refer to the great masters such as William Shakespeare, Jules Verne, Franz Kafka and Jorge Luis Borges, among many others. Creating a visual dialogue with literature, he creates complex pieces that provide a specific form that occurs only in the realm of imagination and desire. His work focuses on writing as "a kind of construction," using his brick sculptures to connect architecture to literature. Oscillating between reality and fiction, he merges the architecture of places with landscapes of fantastic literature.

Featured image: Jorge Méndez Blake - Black Lighthouse II, 2016 (detail). Wood, methacrylate, model, resin, black glass. 21 7/10 × 21 7/10 × 13 4/5 in. 55 × 55 × 35 cm. Photo courtesy Perrotin