Joseph - History, 2018 (detail)

Joseph (b.1974) / Unknown

Pop Art

November 5, 2020

Born in Paris in 1974, Joseph is a French artist whose work celebrates humor and superficiality while denouncing the era of consumerism. His colorful works and their retro look draw their inspiration from advertising, comic books, or even can capsules, symbols of the pop universe of our society, which the artist celebrates in all its forms. Joseph pushes pop art to its logical conclusion: an art form where the consumer takes his place alongside the artist in the creative process. He observes the population that is thirsty for changes and possibilities and is never truly satisfied, constructing works that are thought out in a modular way, composed of linked panels that are deconstructed and rebuilt according to his desires.

Featured image: Joseph - History, 2018 (detail). Collage on wood. 15 7/10 × 12 3/5 × 1 1/5 in. 40 × 32 × 3 cm. This is a unique work. Photo courtesy Galerie Art Jingle