Joseph Kosuth

Conceptual Art
Joseph Kosuth - One and Eight A Description (Violet)
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Joseph Kosuth art is among most popular conceptual art expressions among collectors. Take a look at his most expensive works sold in auctions.

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In the latest group exhibition at Galerie Krinzinger, nineteen contemporary artists choose and present their personal artistic icons.

Constantin Brancusi - Newborn, via Huffington Post
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20th Century Art was about changing perspective... Is there a recognizable thread that spans accross the century?

Andy Warhol - Brillo Boxes at Stable Gallery, 1964. Image via curatingthecontemporary.org
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1960s art saw the rise of some of the most significant movements in art history. Explore all the different ways 60s art changed the face of creativity forever.

Alfredo Jaar - Vogliamo Tutto, 2016
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Noticing an interesting trend among the leading galleries at Artissima 2016, we found 10 neon art pieces that caught our eye!

Sophia Wallace - CLITERACY, 100 Natural Laws, 2012. Image via sophiawallace
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We give you the definition of light art, along with some of the best examples from modern and contemporary production from around the world.

Joseph Kosuth’s art on display at Sean Kelly Gallery in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. PHOTO ANDREW LAMBERSON FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL (courtesy of wsj.com)
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Sean Kelly Gallery from New York organized Joseph Kosuth exhibition, presenting 40 neon works by this famous conceptual artist

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Conceptual art is one of the most radical and controversial movements in modern and contemporary art. See some conceptual art examples to learn why.