JR / Unknown

Urban Art
Saype in Benin
Street Update   |   Elena Martinique

As March comes to an end, we take a look back at the impressive mural projects that popped up all over the world.

Wanted! at Grand Palais
Art News, Exhibition Announcements   |   Elena Martinique

Over the course of 48 hours, visitors are invited to search for twenty works by 20 of Perrotin’s artists at Grand Palais - and leave with them.

Installation views JR Tehachapi
Exhibition Announcements   |   Balasz Takac

Currently on display at Perrotin in Paris is the latest project by the celebrated artist JR, focused on the specificity of American prison system.

David de la Mano - Inner Shadow
Street Update   |   Elena Martinique

As we are slowly moving out of the lockdown, street art is getting back on the streets. Here are the best pieces from around the world.

Street Update   |   Elena Martinique

Here is the best street art from around the world from the month of May. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Instagram to always stay up to date.

Street Update   |   Elena Martinique

We present you a selection of best new murals from around the world, created in the month of April during the coronavirus pandemic.

Collectors' Tip, Top Lists   |   Balasz Takac

For this edition of collectors tip, we prepared ten exceptional yet affordable artworks made on paper by renowned artists that you can add to your collection.

Top Lists, Art History   |   Angie Kordic

These artist documentaries will let you get to know the life, intimate details and the inspiration behind the art of your favorite contemporary artists.