Jules Olitski - Radical Love 15, 1972 (detail)

Jules Olitski / Jevel Demikovski

Sculpture, Color Field, Painting
Clement Greenberg. Image via emaze.com
Art History   |   Eli Anapur

Clement Greenberg is hailed as one of the greatest art critics of the 20th century. But what did he do, and write, to become so famous?

Art History   |   Silka P

Breaking away from Abstract Expressionism, Post-Painterly Abstraction embraced new styles and concepts by employing color field and hard edge painting.

ADDA Art Show 2016
Collectors' Tip, Art Fairs   |   Angie Kordic

The ADAA Art Show returns to New York City this March for yet another showcase of selected exhibitions presented by the world's most prominent galleries