Julie Breton - portait

Julie Breton

Abstract Art

March 30, 2021

French Canadian artist Julie Breton creates colorful, gestural, abstract paintings that embody the dynamism and unpredictability of nature.

In a balancing act between improvisation and will, Breton merges calligraphic scribbles and spontaneous brush marks with thoughtfully placed collaged elements and carefully drawn forms.

Visually balanced yet playful, the work feels as though it has sprung from a place of boldness and unrestrained expression, and alludes to feelings of positivity and constructive energy. Abstract Expressionist influences are evident both in her expressive mark making and in her masterful use of extremes of dark and light hues to create a sense of movement and “Push Pull.”

Julie Breton is a recipient of the Visual Artist grant from the Arts Council for Canada, and is a member of the Visual Artists of British-Columbia Collective. She lives and works in Nelson, BC, Canada.

Featured image: Julie Breton - portait. Photo courtesy IdeelArt