Julien Allègre - Nomade, 2019 (detail)

Julien Allegre / Julien Allègre

Conceptual Art

November 5, 2020

Working with metal and bronze, Julien Allègre is a French contemporary sculptor who also uses oil barrels and industrial steel materials. His metallic silhouettes link the archaic to the contemporary, being the guardians of past times and sentinels of the present. Starting from already formed objects, he frees the material from any functional necessity. The sculptures show his admiration for nature. Allègre sees the oil's impact on the environment and its barrels and cans remain the symbols of the curse that is plaguing the world. His Fossil-Men represent his decade-long progress working with these materials, while the artwork itself has become the guardian of nature.

Featured image: Julien Allègre - Nomade, 2019 (detail). Métal. 18 1/2 × 11 4/5 × 28 7/10 in. 47 × 30 × 73 cm. This is a unique work. Photo courtesy Galerie Art Jingle