Kang Mu-Xiang - Photo of the artist - Image via berliner-listeorg

Kang Mu-Xiang

Art Fairs   |   Widewalls Editorial

Take a walk through the Berliner Liste 2016 with us through a selection of photographs of all sections of Berlin's largest and oldest art fair!

Kang MU XIANG artist talk featured
Art Fairs   |   Ana Bambic

On the evening of Saturday, September 17, Kang Mu-Xiang conversed with Dr. Peter Funken about his environmental views and oeuvre, while screening videos portraying his work.

Artist(s) in Focus, Art Fairs   |   Amy Lin

While sitting next to his sculpture at Berliner Liste, our editorial manager and our artist of the week Kang Mu-Xiang talked about the art of Master Kang.