Kathleen Meier - selfportrait

Kathleen Meier

February 19, 2019

Kathleen Meier is a French artist who uses photographic medium. She learned photography in the artistic school École de Condé Nancy where she was graduated in 2014. Her work is about human psychology. She explores our subconscious and reveals how our experiences, culture, and education lead our feelings. She calls our imagination as we have a full part to play in her photographs. In 2015, Meier released her first book Hostilités Sourdes at ARP Editions.

Kathleen Meier - from the Huis Clos series, 2014-2017
Kathleen Meier - from the Huis Clos series, 2014-2017

Huis clos

The series confronts the viewers to suggestive confinement, wanting to know what happens in them when they are faced with a desperate situation? What do they feel when they have no longer a connection with the outside world? The disorientation and the contact loss with the outside put them into physical and mental isolation and can lead the spectators in a conscious or subconscious way to modify, perhaps to alter, their relationship with the external reality. This maze slowly conducts into mental illness.

Kathleen Meier - from the Hostilites Sourdes series, 2013-2014
Kathleen Meier - from the Hostilités Sourdes series, 2013-2014

Hostilités Sourdes

My project involves the narrative potential in the photography, in order to create the experience of a moment frozen in time in the viewer, like a freeze between two images on a film, something will happen or just happened. However, this is still images and there is any kind of human presence. We then feel a tension in the photographs, our imagination awake, call on our personal culture, our emotions, our experiences, in an attempt to understand what is happening and to set up a possible story, a scénario to the photo.

Featured image: Kathleen Meier - Self-portrait
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