Ken Rausch - Wavy 5 panels - 55", 2019 (detail)

Ken Rausch

Abstract Art

November 6, 2020

Using traditional techniques from painting, Ken Rausch is an American artist known for his exciting and richly colored wall sculptures. Made of steel or copper, these works are beautiful, intense, and iridescent, qualities achieved through the use of heat and acid etching. He also uses the traditional techniques of hammering, bending, and specialized grinding tools to create texture and depth. The top coat is a multi-layered resin that gives an almost “glass-like” feel to each piece. Rausch’s finished pieces, whether considered paintings and sculptures, take on a personality of their own as light hits the surface. He graduated with honors from the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Featured image: Ken Rausch - Wavy 5 panels - 55", 2019 (detail). Copper. 47 × 55 in. 119.4 × 139.7 cm. This is a unique work. Photo courtesy Whistler Contemporary