Kevin Finklea

Minimal Art, Abstract Art

March 25, 2021

Kevin Finklea is an American contemporary artist who focuses on subtleties of color and form, producing minimalist paintings and wall-relief sculptures that encourage slowness and contemplation. By removing unnecessary details, the artist creates paintings that feature solid hues on canvas. Their scale and attention to composition serve the purpose of accentuating the already energized relationships between the colors he pairs together. With a penchant for never making perfectly divided, equal spaces for color in his works, Finklea paints sections that are never exactly halved or quartered. The color, at times, is used to re-balance the unequal these imbalanced sections. His wooden works are created to persevere the fleeting human impulse and convictions and ignore all sense of memory and time. Verifiable and tactile, these pieces are made from excess materials from previous works. Kevin Finklea received his BA from Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA.