King Robbo / John Robertson

Urban Art, Graffiti
BLU - Graffiti In Berlin
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Throughout the history, the cultural tourism has been a lucrative business, but street art and its mechanisms changed the rules of the game.

King Robbo - Graffiti, Camden Canal. London
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Street Art Legends - King Robbo Graffiti. A look at the graffiti work of the legendary late King Robbo, a hero of the underground graffiti scene in the UK.

Style Wars - Graffiti Film, Dondi
Top Lists, Graffiti & Street Art   |   Steve Gray

Graffiti history - a look at 10 important moments that have helped shape the graffiti and street art movement, from Cornbread to David Choe.

Sickboy - Supernature solo exhibition 2015. Photo Galerie Le Feurve.
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Graffiti Hits the 21st Century. A follow up to our 20th Century & The Rise of Graffiti article, in which we look at the development of graffiti since the turn of the century.

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Here are ten graffiti terms and words most commonly used in street art and graffiti culture; the meaning behind symbolic phrases and jargon from the graffiti world.