Kislow / Aleksey Kislow

Urban Art

March 31, 2014

Ukrainian street artist Aleksey Kislow (b.1983) creates dream-like murals. Heavily influenced by surrealist art, his work radiates on walls showcasing his highly imaginative imagery.

Kislow took part in the Wynwood Walls project in South Miami, which invited street artists from around the world to paint the abandoned warehouses of the former industrial area.

Over the course of two weeks Kislow painted the wall of the renowned Miami Ad School’s building. The painting depicts fabulous creatures chasing a hybrid man/bird with a key in his claws. The pink background sets a contrast for the abstract imagery of mythical beings. The mural is nearly twenty meters long and five meters high. Kislow’s mural is certainly one of the highlight pieces in the hip new Wynwood District.

Kislow completed his graduation from KCU im.Samokisha Simferopol. He currently lives in Sevastopol, city of Ukraine.