Laurent Grasso - Untitled, 2018 (detail)

Laurent Grasso

September 26, 2013

A French conceptual artist, Laurent Grasso works in a wide range of mediums including film, sculpture, painting and photography.

Born in 1972 in France, Grasso currently lives and works in Paris, although he has held residencies at the Villa Medici in Rome and ISCP in New York. He is the recipient of the prestigious Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2008 and the esteemed Order of Arts and Letters by the French Ministry of Culture in 2015. 

Addressing science, fears, contemporary mythologies and the unknowable, Grasso created immersive installations by using video, sculpture, painting and archival photography. He is fascinated with the visual possibilities related to the science of electromagnetic energy, radio waves and naturally occurring phenomena, exploring how they apply to paranormal activity. Surreal and ambiguous, these works are at once a timeless and comprehensive synthesis of the past, present, and future. Often incorporating imagery culled from the cinema and art history, he intentionally manipulates them by imposing unique and unusual perspectives onto his subject matter. As he explains, "the idea is to construct a floating viewpoint, thereby creating a discrepancy in relation to reality. We move from one viewpoint to another, and that's also how we manufacture states of consciousness." Seeking to grasp, reveal, and materialize the invisible through his works, the artist immerses the viewer in an uncanny world of uncertainty.

Featured image: Laurent Grasso - Untitled, 2018 (detail). Oil and palladium leaf on wood. 7 1/2 × 9 4/5 in. 19 × 25 cm. Photo courtesy Perrotin