Le Diamantaire - Street Diamond - Rose Fluo, 2021 (detail)

Le Diamantaire


February 3, 2021

Le Diamantaire is a French contemporary artist whose work and ideas are presented through a symbol - the diamond. Born in Caen, the artist discovered the "André the Giant Has a Posse" by Obey in 2001, prompting him to use streets as a field for his expression. He began working with graffiti, shifting into stencils after some time. His work is distinguished by his choice to use the mirror as the material to adorn the walls. The mirror used by Le Diamantaire is recovered from the streets and recycled in the form of two-dimensional diamonds, where each work is painted and numbered. Going beyond the pure aesthetic value of the works, it is more about conveying a message. The diamond, usually associated with luxury, rarity, and exclusivity, is offered to the passer-by through art. From 2012, the street work by Le Diamantaire has evolved towards gallery art, and he began exhibiting his pieces, first in Paris, then in Zurich. He has since participated in numerous group, duo, and solo shows.

Featured image: Le Diamantaire - Street Diamond - Rose Fluo, 2021 (detail). Spray on mirror. 20 x 20 cm. Black frame with glass (40 x 40 x 2.5 cm). This work is unique. Photo courtesy Galerie Art Jingle