Louise Nevelson, photo Pedro E. Guerrero

Louise Nevelson / Leah Berliawsky

Isamu Noguchi Stamps
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A postage stamp is a miniature work of art, distributed on a truly mass scale. Here are thirteen amazing examples of American art on postage stamps. 

Donald Sultan - Black Rose (1 of 3) (detail), 1989
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The printmaking technique of etching has been used by artists since the 15th century. Here is a list of etching that you can own right now!

Louise Nevelson - For Dance Design
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The current exhibition of drawings, prints and collages of Louise Nevelson at The Whitney provides a refreshing insight into her progression into abstraction.

Robert Rauschenberg, broche, vers 1990
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The extensive artist jewelry collection by Diane Venet will be shown in Paris alongside exceptional loans from galleries, collectors and the artists’ families.

Installation view of Betty Tompkins, WOMEN Words, Phrases, and Stories at The FLAG Art Foundation, 2016. Photography by Genevieve Hanson, ArtEcho LLC

For decades, the museum landscape was male-dominated. We are now witnessing a wave of appreciation for female artists that has been very much anticipated.

Louise Nevelson - Total - Totality - All, 1959 - 1964
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Rarely-shown collages and sculptures by Louise Nevelson, created between the 1950s and 1970s, will soon be on view at Moderna Museet.

Carol Rama - Schizzano via, 1967 (detail)
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Exploring international abstraction in the postwar era, the MoMA exhibition highlights abstract female artists and their important contribution.

Kcho - R.E.C. (Rectifying the Course ). Image via artsobserver.com
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How important is the technique of wood carving in art? What is its history, and which are the most remarkable art pieces made with this material?