Lucien Smith - Yet I get a kick, yes, I get a kick, yes, I get a kick outta you (detail), 2012

Lucien Smith

Selling Artworks on the Street - Image via goinswritercom
Galleries in Focus   |   Andrey V.

Is the practice of art flipping an unethical method of increasing profit, or just another viable strategy of earning money from artworks? An opinion.

Man Looking at a PIece Made Out of Dollar Signs - Image via insidehookcom
Collectors' Tip, Galleries in Focus   |   Ana Bambic

Art investment can be a challenge for an upcoming collector, so we took the time to put together a little guidebook to acquaint you with investing in art.

Eddie Martinez - American Native 3 (Midnight on the Mountain), 2012
Artist(s) in Focus, Top Lists   |   Matt Randal

Young American painters keep on pushing the boundaries of the medium in intriguing and unexpected ways. Find out who they are.

“The Radiants”, 2015, Bortolami Gallery , new_york_installation_view

Where is the painting inspiration of contemporary art today? How much of its original and new thought is in fact mimicry and appropriation?

Zombie Art, zombie formalism, crapstraction… Just some terms to describe the popular trends in contemporary abstract art hated by many art critics.

David Ostrowski
Collectors' Tip   |   Ricardo Martinez

The emerging art market - why is it slowing down, why did it grow in the first place, and what happens when prices are artificially inflated ?

Sotheby's auction detail
Collectors' Tip   |   Ricardo Martinez

Contemplations on the following art auction autumn season, possibilities of decline of the art market and, consequently, auctions and auction houses.

Tracey Emin - I Loved You More Than I Can Love (Lot 131)
Collectors' Tip, Auction Results   |   Lorenzo Pereira

Contemporary Art Day Sale Auction took place at Phillips, London. It was not as successful as anticipated, with seventy percent of lots being sold.