Maia Flore - Le Printemps, 2016 (detail)

Maia Flore

January 27, 2021

Maia Flore is a French artist whose visual language uses photography and collages as primary mediums, where she is physically involved in her experimentations. Becoming a model, she invents various situations where her hair and her body act with the landscape or the scenery and transfigure the reality. Flore’s working process evolved over the years and now includes more performing and less digital manipulation. She studied at the Gobelins School, graduating in 2010. Maia Flore lives and works in Los Angeles.

Featured image: Maia Flore - Le Printemps, 2016 (detail). C print on Fine art Ultra Smooth Paper 305 gr. 31 × 39 in. 78.7 × 99.1 cm. Edition of 7. This work is part of a limited edition set. Photo courtesy Galerie XII