Margeaux Walter - Arena

Margeaux Walter

Prints, Photography

August 14, 2017

My work is centered around the fragility of identity, and the role that photography plays in our ability to remember and create a self-image. I choose photography and video as a means of understanding and reckoning with a world flooded with images.

Embedded in the photographs is a level of anxiety around being seen, or a fear of disappearing that has been enhanced by technological accessibility, consumer culture and the constant absorption of images. In questioning how we decipher the world, absorb influences and reveal ourselves, I create images where identity is increasingly in flux – varyingly disappearing, fracturing, or grossly accumulating.

Much of my work involves simulated spaces, often domestic ones, referencing Jung’s idea that one’s house is a representation of their psyche. Using staged environments, studio lighting, and saturated color, I allude to familiar visual cues of advertising that are embedded in our collective unconscious.

I use myself as a model to experience each of the scenarios I create as well as in some cases the claustrophobia of aligning perfectly within them.

- Margeaux Walter

Featured image: Margeaux Walter - Arena, 2016. 152,4 x 152,4 cm. Digital C Print. Photo courtesy 5 Pieces Gallery. © Margeaux Walter