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Marie Laurencin

Illustration, Painting, Design, Drawing, Modernism, Modern Art, Cubism

August 15, 2013

Marie Laurencin was a French modernist painter, printmaker, designer, and illustrator, known as one of the few female Cubist painters, along with Sonia Delaunay, Marie Vorobieff, and Franciska Clausen.

Marie began her studies in porcelain design at the Ecole de Sèvres factory before moving on to painting at the Académie Humbert in Paris. Laurencin insisted on the creation of a visual vocabulary of femininity, developing a unique approach to abstraction, focused on the representation of groups of women and female portraits. While her work shows the influence of Cubist painters Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, Marie’s aspiration towards more personal style can be seen as a response to what some consider to be the arrogant masculinity of Cubism.