Mark Bode - Photo of the artist in front of his work - Photo Credits Mark Bode

Mark Bode / Mark Bodé

Juan Francisco Casas - Double roman bed
Provoke! (NSFW), Exhibition Announcements   |   Elena Martinique

Adda and Taxie Gallery is celebrating seduction, the body, carnal pleasures and the fifth senses through works of fifteen international artists.

Mark Bode Art exhibition at Backwoods Gallery
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Backwoods Gallery from Melbourne organizes an exhibition titled Wizards, Lizards and Broads celebrating Mark Bode art and the art of his late father

Mark Bodé - artwork

Erotic graffiti and other unreleased works by the legendary Vaughn Bode and his son, Mark Bode, are coming to ADDA Gallery & Taxie Gallery in Paris

white elephant
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Thinking about a tattoo? Check out these 10 urban artists whose magnificent artwork can be worn on skin.

A Study of Camouflage exhibition (detailed image)

If you want to see how camouflage can be perfectly used in art, visit A Study of Camouflage show at Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne, opening on May 29th.

Don Ed Hardy - Purple Haze

March 14th 2015 marks the 12th anniversary of the eclectic and esteemed White Walls and its sister space, The Shooting Gallery.


1AM is for certain one of the most active galleries in the art world. Year 2014 serves as a proof to such statement as this gallery held so many exhibitions

MISO Announcement

Above the city, from the top of the sky, in an aerial space where debris of modern day life is emitted and condensed into world of its own, comes, carrying familiar energy, the newest exhibition featuring young female artist known as Miso.