Mark Brosseau - Ornamented (detail), 2013

Mark Brosseau

Abstract Art

November 7, 2015

Mark Brosseau is an American artist, known for his abstract art characterized by long, sinuous lines he draws with his favorite pin striping brush.

Brosseau was born and grew up in Lyndon, a town in Caledonia County in Vermont. After Lyndon high school, he enrolled Dartmouth College’s chemistry studies. It wasn’t long before his focus shifted to architecture for what it was required presence at a drawing classes. Attending those classes actually changed Mark’s whole life! He entered into a world of free creative exploration - his painting practice is driven by curiosity ever since.

Charmed and Enamoring

Mark Brosseau - Charmed, 2005 and Enamoring, 2013
Mark Brosseau - Charmed, 2005 and Enamoring, 2013

In 1998, Brosseau graduated in Studio Art from Dartmouth with honors. His next step was an MFA in Painting from the University of Pennsylvania. In 2002, Mark went to Iceland on a Fulbright Scholarship for painting and printmaking.

As an artist, Mark is equally interested in color and science, math and emotion. He always strives to develop even further his own abstract visual language – to play with shape, color and pattern, constantly looking for things that give more variety in mark, edge, and surface.

Spectral and Bucolic

Mark Brosseau - Spectral and Bucolic, 2014
Mark Brosseau - Spectral and Bucolic, 2014

Mark’s artistic influences are names such as Bonnard, Braque, Matisse or Vermeer. Joanne Greenbaum, Thomas Nozkowski, Amy Sillman, David Aylsworth are among his contemporaries that he strongly admires.

The artist is represented by EBK Gallery.

Mark Brosseau currently lives in New Jersey, outside of Philadelphia.

Featured image: Mark Brosseau - Ornamented (detail), 2013
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