Mark Tansey - The Raw and the Framed, 1995

Mark Tansey

Photography, Monochrome painting
Karel Appel - Smiling Heads, 1976 (detail) (Lot 82)
Collectors' Tip, Auction Results   |   Ricardo Martinez

Take a look at detailed results of Contemporary Curated auction that was held on Thursday, March 5th at Sotheby's, New York.

Jasper Johns - Flag - 1983
Collectors' Tip   |   Steve Gray

The figures for the New York Contemporary Art Sales Fall season recently released showed a staggering total of $1,703,991,563 made in sales during that period.

Joe Goode, Know Means No, 2013

On July 12, the Kohn Gallery will host an exhibition of new paintings by southern California-based artist, Joe Goode. The new series, titled Flat Screen Nature, is the culmination of Goode’s “looking through” artistic experiments.