Marta Falomir - portrait

Marta Falomir

Abstract Art

November 17, 2020

Marta Falomir is a Spanish contemporary artist whose colorful abstract paintings evoke memories and past experiences, adding new impressions and thoughts. Born in Valencia, art and visual expression have always been a part of her life. She has a degree in Audiovisual Communication, and these studies are fundamental in her artistic career as they awakened her interest in narrating through images using composition and color as fundamental tools.

“My work seeks to transmit universal feelings by being experimental and searching for new perspectives and ways to communicate - a constant source of inspiration to develop my art practice.” One of the main driving forces in her work is the search for contrast through color, layering, and the use of different media aiming for the perfect combination of techniques and materials for each artwork. Although Falomir begins most of her pieces with a sensation she’s trying to evoke or a concrete idea, she allows the process to take over at some point, which opens a possibility for more freedom without limitations.

After living in a big city for more than a decade, working in the broadcasting sector as a TV producer and traveling around the world, she decided a change was necessary, so she started a new life on the beautiful island of Majorca. There she felt the need to express herself on another level, inspired by the breathtaking and magical landscapes of the island, shifting her focus first towards photography and collage, starting in 2016 with her self-taught studies in watercolor and other techniques.

Featured image: Marta Falomir - portrait. Photo courtesy Z Contemporary