Martin Ron nnn

Martin Ron

Urban Art, Street Art

April 18, 2014

Martin Ron is one of the pre-eminent street artists in Argentina.  He paints hyper realistic surrealist imagery on a huge scale.

He paints a lot in Buenos Aires and has painted more than 80 murals in the county of Tres de Febrero. Together with the district council. They  work together to renovate and paint walls that are covered with vandalism or propaganda and get artists and residents together for painting projects.

The program is called the Urban Embellishment Programme (Programa de Embellecimiento Urbano) and what the project is really about is the artists’ own expression and the artists have the freedom to paint what they like and the council supports them and provide them with all the materials. The residents like it because they have colourful and artistic new murals on their doorstep that brighten up the neighbourhood.