Matko Vekic - Grasshopper 4

Matko Vekic


August 6, 2017

Matko Vekić studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. In his paintings, Vekić deals with significant problems of contemporary life. He uses motifs related to everyday life, as for example cards, insects, football players or women terrorists, creating an obvious irony through which he tries to problematize his audience. His art initiates an intellectual dialogue between abstract and figurative, while at the same time the artist is always trying to maintain the traditional aspect of painting.

Vekić’s works can be found in many museums and are galleries including the Art Gallery Collection in Spilt or the Modern Gallery in Zagreb. He has been awarded several times and he has also been the artist who officially represented Croatia at the Venice Biennale in 2009. He has also an active presence among the art academic community in Croatia, where he currently lives and works.

Featured image: Matko Vekic - Grasshopper #4, 2017. 40 x 80 cm. Edition of 40. Silk-screen printing. Photo courtesy of the artist and 5 Pieces Gallery