Matt Shlian / Matthew Shlian

Geometric abstraction

March 15, 2021

Matt Shlian is an American artist and designer whose work ranges from drawings, sculptures, large-scale installations to collaborations with leading scientists at the University of Michigan. The paper is the core of all of his artworks. He began creating as an undergrad student at Alfred University. Originally, he studied ceramics but realized early that he was interested in pretty much everything – so he studied glass, painting, performance, and sound. By the end, he had a dual major in ceramics and print media. Shlian wasn’t making traditional prints and ceramics at that point, creating instead large digital prints and using a series of cut scores and creases to create large-scale pop-up spreads. In 2006, he completed a Master’s from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Born in Norwalk, Connecticut, Matt Shlian currently lives and works in Ann Arbor, Michigan.