Matteo Nasini - Portrait of the artist, 2011, photo credits Artribune

Matteo Nasini

Conceptual Art
Wassily Kandinsky - Composition 8, 1923

Geometric Abstract art or geometric abstraction shook the world when the first monochromatic square saw the light of day. Read about this supreme movement and its influence today.

Artissima 2015 10
Art Fairs   |   Angie Kordic

The 22nd edition of Artissima art fair concluded on November 8th, 2015. Here is our final look at it through a series of images from the Oval in Turin.

Operativa Stand with works by Matteo Nasini. Artissima 2015
Artist(s) in Focus, Art Fairs, Podcast   |   Lorenzo Pereira

We spoke with Carlo Pratis from Operativa Rome, that is presenting beautiful artworks by amazing artist Matteo Nasini at Artissima 2015