Max Serradifalco


March 20, 2013

Max Serradifalco is an Italian graphic artist and naturalist photographer known as the first landscape photographer who uses satellite maps to create his unique celestial imagery. With his innovative virtual landscapes, the artist takes us on a journey over the globe to discover the most memorable and distant parts of our planet. His art eliminates boundaries of time and space making distant parts of the Earth appear close and familiar. The artist is inspired by his true love toward nature to, but his artworks also represent a reference about the everyday deterioration and destruction of the Earth as a form of self-destruction of the human kind. From the monochrome landscape of Sahara to the monumental mountains of the Glen Canyon the artist takes viewers on a virtual journey marked with vivid colors and almost abstract scenery.

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Max Serradifalco - Qatar, 2013

Max Serradifalco Biography

Max Serradifalco was born in Palermo in 1978 but is now working between his home country and the United kingdom. His work contains both aesthetic impacts but also an environmental undertone as the artist portrays the natural beauty of our planet. The photographer presents ephemeral objects with a touch of an abstract that appears as if they are purifying itself along the way. But the influences to his artworks can be traced all the way back to air paintings and a unique form of land art that manifest itself through photography and compositional plans.

Lone mountain or a tree is plucked out of its surrounding to create striking landscape photography

 Max Serradifalco Tree Rivers 7 in Olanda in Tanzania,
Max Serradifalco - Tree Rivers 7 Olanda, 2015

A Different Kind of Landscape Photography

In 2011 Max Serradifalco began to work on Web Landscape photography his most famous art series to date. In order to create this series of photographs, the photographer used satellite maps he found on the Internet to explore the mesmerizing beauty of our planet. By using new technologies like the Internet and Google Maps the Italian artist virtually traveled our planet to find places of great versatility. On this journey, Max Serredifalco gathered various images of landscapes from different corners of the Earth. Though they may appear as abstract paintings these images, in fact, represent real territories as they appear today.

Virtually the artist traveled from Australia, and Venice lagoon to Siberia and Palermo to depict the most beautiful landscapes on earth

Artwork also available on artsy
Max Serradifalco - Oceania Skyland 2 French Polynesia, 2014

Virtuality of the Environment and our Everyday Lives

Artist Naim June Paik who was one of the first artists to use satellites in his work in the 1960s had a huge influence on Max Serradifalco. Virtually the artist traveled from Australia, and Venice lagoon to Siberia and Greenland and visited numerous places all over the six continents. His images provide the viewer with a sense of telepresence an ability to establish a relationship with the faraway objects through the means of photography. In 2012 the artist was awarded IPA and was invited to participate in the Researchers Night, where he exhibited his artworks at the Botanical Garden of Palermo. Max Serradifalco’s work was featured in Super-Modified: The Book of Behance Creative Works as one of the best projects selected by Adobe.

The artist is represented by Art Acacia.

Max Serradifalco lives and works in Italy and UK.

Featured Image: Max Serradifalco - Tree Rivers 3 Kuwait, detail
Images courtesy of Art Acacia.