Melvin Grave Guzman / Melvin Guzman

Conceptual Art

October 26, 2020

Melvin "Grave" Guzman is an American contemporary artist born in Harlem, New York, working in photography, performance, and monumental mixed-media. Even though he’s pursuing a range of distinctive technical practices, his work consistently explores the oscillating relationship between city and self, between environment and identity in Digital Age. Most of his work is created from found materials such as torn magazine ads, shopping bags, boxes, and posters once discarded by consumer society. Finding them on the streets, Guzman enjoys working with these materials as they are powerful because of their history. Considered as relics of this day and age, they are saved by the artist, re-purposed in his thoughtful constructions, and preserved for the future. These absurdist creations reflect the distorted image of our false appetites in real-time, emphasizing the influence of contemporary media on our lives.