Meret Oppenheim - Erotique voilée (Veiled Erotic), 1933 - Photo Credits Man Ray

Meret Oppenheim / Méret Elisabeth Oppenheim

Henri Cartier-Bresson - Simiane-la-Rotonde, France, 1969 f
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The art exhibitions of 2020 will be remarkably diverse, and we bring you the most exciting ones from the first six months that should find a place in your cultural calendar.

Robert Rauschenberg, broche, vers 1990
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The extensive artist jewelry collection by Diane Venet will be shown in Paris alongside exceptional loans from galleries, collectors and the artists’ families.

Dorothea Tanning - Small Night Serenade (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik), 1943. Oil on canvas, 407 x 610 mm c Tate, Lonfon 2015 c The Estate of Dorothea Tanning : ADAGP, Paris : VEGAP, Malaga, 2016
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Throughout the history of art, female Surrealists were largely overshadowed by their male colleagues. Museo Picasso Málaga now places them in focus.

Pepo Salazar in Venice, 2015 (Contemporary Assemblage)
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The progressive path of assemblage art, as seen through the eyes of contemporaneity - get to know the art form preconditioned by Duchamp's revolution.