Miaz Brothers 4

Miaz Brothers / Roberto & Renato Miaz

Artist 1010 at Lazinc
Graffiti & Street Art, Exhibition Announcements   |   Elena Martinique

Over the course of three months, Lazinc Gallery will be fully transformed through the work of 25 artists selected in collaboration with Magda Danysz.

Miaz Brothers - Installation view in Los Angeles, 2014
Exhibition Announcements   |   Elena Martinique

To begin the new year, Wunderkammern Milan will present the Miaz Brothers art exhibition that treats the subject of portraiture in a radical new way.

Miaz Brothers - Old Man I, acrylic on canvas, 64x51in, detail

The portraits by the Miaz Brothers are not representing anyone in particular, but are aiming for the imagination and associations of the viewers.

Miaz Brothers - Detail Antimatter Series: A Boundless Vision, 2015

Miaz Brothers return to Lazarides Rathbone for a new solo exhibition of their stunning contemporary portraiture, Antimatter Series A Boundless Vision.

9 Out of Action MAT COLLISHAW featured
Upcoming Auctions   |   Sanja Lazic

We have quite an exciting week upon us! The renowned auction house Bonhams will be hosting a fantastic auction entitled Contemporary Art & Design starting January 28th.

Rero - Escape
Artist(s) in Focus   |   Sanja Lazic

In art, uniqueness and creativity are virtues of the best artists. They take on something new, not yet explored, they take a risk and sometimes, they get a result that no one hoped for or imagined.

RERO Untitled (BUY BEAUTY EAT BEAUTY...) (Fabian Castanier  Gallery) - segment
Collectors' Tip   |   Bojan Maric

CONTEXT has proven (in a short period of time) to be a powerful mixture the art market factors which are important to both top collectors and those who are practically just entering the vast field of the contemporary art market.

Artist(s) in Focus   |   Sanja Lazic

British artist Jonathan Yeo is one of the hottest names in contemporary art today. Yeo’s work is fresh, interesting and unique and for these, and many other reasons, he is our Artist of the Week!