Michelle Benoit

Geometric abstraction

March 25, 2021

Michelle Benoit is an American artist known for works made of wood and several layers of translucent lucite that are painted and assembled over each other. This allows the creation of an internal glowing effect in work, causing the reflected light of each layer to appear in a new way every time a viewer looks at it. Benoit’s use of washes of paint on reclaimed, bulletproof lucite, and wood, provide the work an inherent history within its materiality. Each creation is composed in relation to the size of the fragments that she collects, and the color combinations are coded and symbolic of a past, a present, a memory, and a place. Michelle Benoit received a BFA from Rhode Island College and an MA and MFA from the University of Iowa. Born in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, she currently lives and works in West Warwick, Rhode Island.