Mike Bouchet

Monica Bonvicini, No More 1, 2016, (c) Monica Bonvicini and VG Bild-Kunst, photo Jens Ziehe, courtesy the artist
Provoke! (NSFW), Exhibition Announcements   |   Elena Martinique

The exhibition at two Danish venues this year explores the changing relationship between art and pornography after the legislation change in Denmark in 1969.

Josephine Meckseper - Sabotage on Auto Assembly Line to Slow it Down, 2009

Eleven amazing artists are participating at the exhibition History of Nothing at White Cube Bermondsey in London

Mike Bouchet, Smoky Barbacue Mountain, 2008, segment

Bouchet is devoted to installations, videos, interventions, performances, as well as sculpture and painting. With the characteristics which should be a part of every true urban artist's practice, Bouchet creates with strong devotion to social activism. ...

This September, the seventh edition of Art Berlin Contemporary will be held at Station Berlin, presenting more than 100 international galleries and their artists.