Mike Solomon - Juicy Fruit, 2017 (detail)

Mike Solomon

Abstract Art

July 17, 2013

An American abstract artist, Mike Solomon is best known for grid-like abstract canvases anchored in the early Modernism. All of his work invite reflection and contemplation, embodying the fundamental qualities perceived signature. Capturing the essence of these qualities, his art speaks about the psychological properties of memory.

A son of Syd Solomon, a celebrated Abstract Impressionist who was a central figure in the New York art scene of the 1950s and ‘60s, he was immersed into art from an early age. He studied at the Skowhegan School of Sculpture and Painting in Maine (1975) and continued his studies at the Yale Summer School of Music and Art, Norfolk, Connecticut (1978) where he was influenced by artist Joan Snyder.

Through the years, Solomon has explored a range of subjects, styles, and concepts using various materials from traditional watercolors to roplex and acrylic gels to beeswax. His works are characterized by transparency, as he explores the effects of light penetrating color. In his more recent works, the artist paints modest shapes across the mulberry paper and then layers resin on each sheet, creating a hallucinatory grid. Fascinated with the grid early in his career, it remained a central structural element in his paintings and sculpture.

Featured image: Mike Solomon - Juicy Fruit, 2017 (detail). Watercolor on papers infused in resin. 36 × 36 in. 91.4 × 91.4 cm. Photo courtesy Berry Campbell Gallery