Mona Hatoum - Turbulence (Black), 2014

Mona Hatoum

Gustav Metzger - In Memoriam_
Top Lists, Exhibition Announcements   |   Balasz Takac

Gropius Bau in Berlin will host an exciting group exhibition focused on the explorations of the contemporary notion of the wall, isolation and migration.

John Wesley - Suitcase, 1964–65 via tewitter
Artist(s) in Focus, Top Lists   |   Amy Lin

These suitcase art pieces prove that Imagination and a small case are sometimes all an artist needs to make a striking piece of art.

Lalla Essaydi - Nomadic Songlines, detail
Top Lists   |   Lorenzo Pereira

Although a bit marginalized, Arabic art scene has a number of great contemporary artists whose practice is quite popular. Take a look at some of the Arabic artists!

Townhouse Gallery via Daily News Egipt
Art News   |   Amy Lin

In a series of raids, Egypt authorities shut down several cultural institutions including renowned Townhouse Gallery in Cairo and Merit publishing house.

Weekly Breakdown Feb 16 - 22 featured image
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In the last seven days, we have informed you about every major art news and there was a lot of it and coming from all over the world

Artists for Palestine UK
Art News   |   Angie Kordic

Initially, it was a little over a hundred artists from the UK and US who pledged their support to the cultural boycott of Israel after last summer’s 50-day war in Gaza strip.