Mots - portrait at urbannation berlin

Mots / Diogo Ruas and Jagoda Cierniak

Urban Art, Illustration, Murals

May 20, 2019

Mots - visual art duo from Portugal and Poland, created by painter and illustrator Diogo Ruas. Jagoda Cierniak, photographer and project coordinator, has joined in 2017.

Mots - Be_caoceito, 2017
Mots - Be_cãoceito, 2017 - © Mots. Photo credits Becuh

Their collaboration fused their individual approaches characterized by Diogo’s experience as an urban artist and Jagoda’s engagement in photography and social – art projects.

Mots - Butterfly, 2017
Mots - Butterfly, 2017 - © Mots. Photo credits Pitoresco Festival

Mots is an author of dozens of murals, big-scale paintings around the world. The biggest piece done by the artists was created in 2017 in Porto’s downtown, near the iconic Douro river, and it became part of its panoramic view. Five hundred meters square wall merged with the landscape of the city.

Mots - Cito facta, 2014
Mots - Cito facta, 2014 - © Mots. Photo credits Mots

Visual artists integrated work into various initiatives such as social projects, educational events, solo and group exhibitions, urban interventions, street art festivals, and publications in magazines and books.

Featured image: Mots - portrait taken in the studio of @urbannation_berlin art residency. Photo credits Jagoda Cierniak. All images and text courtesy of Mots.