Nathan Paddison - portrait

Nathan Paddison

Abstract Art

April 8, 2021

Self-taught Australian artist Nathan Paddison creates raw, emotive paintings grounded in the traditions of Art Brut, Graffiti, and Abstract Expressionism. Drawing inspiration from his self-described troubled past, Paddison paints with urgency and physicality, layering dynamic, gestural brush marks and ecstatic forms atop his worn and rough textured surfaces. Scattered bits of text intermingle with hints of human bodies and natural forms, suggesting stories interrupted, places torn apart, or perhaps a crime scene recently abandoned. Embedded in the drama is a keen sense of humor, and a vivid grasp of the emotive power of color. Blending traditional fine art mediums such as acrylic paints and pastels with everyday materials such as newspaper and markers, Paddison achieves a fresh, energetic, and undeniably contemporary visual voice.

Featured image: Nathan Paddison - portrait. Photo courtesy IdeelArt