2501 / Jacopo Ceccarelli

Urban Art

July 22, 2014

Never2501, or just 2501, is an Italian artist whose works are visually stunning, diving head first into the essence of line art through his use of monochromatic color schemes that emphasize his technique. Street pieces are elegant and clean making it pop from the usually busy public settings he implements them. The visual impact of his style and the intriguing ambiguity which comes from his use of figureless forms makes 2501’s art one of the most exciting and recognizable in today’s contemporary art scene.

2501's Carrer

The artist started doing graffiti back to 1995, and when he was around 14 years old he started learning how to use spray cans. His friend taught him how to sneak and paint trains. When he finished high school he moved to Brasil, where he met a lot of other artists, what encourage him to change his style completely. He went from letter-graffiti to something else. He started experimenting with mural paintings, canvases, sculpture, installations. According to 2501, painting walls and painting outside taught him a lot, being free and what he wants to say. That's why his work inside of galleries is different than what he is doing outside.

Between murals and galleries

From international mural campaigns to massive gallery exhibitions, 2501 consistently produces great works of art and shows no sign of slowing down. He is a creative force on overdrive fueled by everything he experiences and more. He works like a machine that processes every stimulus in nature and somehow translates them into inspiration for his creations. 2501’s artistic output is matched only by his enthusiasm for pushing forward his visuals to new boundaries. The range of styles and concepts he has utilized in his art through the years is quite extensive. While other artists are too concerned being identified with a certain painting style causing redundancy in their works, 2501 consistently evolves.

Black and White

A personal favorite among the array of styles the artist has used is the one he applied in his most recent mural series. In this distinctive style, 2501 utilized solid black and white wavy lines to render forms that overlap the line between figurative and abstract. Situated in the street setting, the artworks become ambiguous masses of monochrome vibrating on the walls of the concrete jungle. The wall pieces effectively capture the imagination of the pedestrians giving them a sort of introspective break from the otherwise monotonous visuals of the city life.

Another interesting approach is seen in one of 2501’s painting series called “Vajrapani”. Here, the artist utilized a sort of expressionist approach in rendering what are best described the random whimsical thoughts verging on the disturbing. Images of women in erotic positions, overloaded bicycles and severed body parts occupy pristine white backgrounds; bleeding all over the empty space through the artist’s masterfully executed wash effect. The adept use of confident expressionistic strokes and monochromatic color scheme makes the series visually appealing.

Nomadic Experiment

Naming his latest project Nomadic Experiment, the artist draws inspiration from the many experiences and ideas he stumbles upon while on his artistic campaign. Through his journeys, 2501’s project continuously evolves through various notions and imageries he encounters. This ongoing project grows more complex and exciting as the artist’s journey continues making it a very engaging experience. 2501 recently arrived in LA for the latest installment of Nomadic Experiment called “Anatomy of Restlessness”. The collection consists of artworks done on different surfaces. This time, 2501 chose to paint on slabs of ceramic, ceramic egg figurines, mirrors, and wood panels. Just like the found surfaces in the streets the artworks stay true to the randomness of textures brought about by this nomadic approach. This randomness brings about a variety of ways the artist’s style of abstraction take shape. In this series 2501 incorporate more solid geometric shapes and straight lines in his works. The various elements converge to form stunning abstract compositions. His signature black and white waves vibrate through the collection morphing into organic figure-less forms. The incorporation of gold leaf on some of the pieces adds a very sophisticated feel to the works. One interesting part of the series is a couple of alcohol based paintings. Masterfully utilizing wash effects, 2501 creates powerful compositions that seem to morph right before our eyes. The ambiguity of these monochromatic images alludes to the delightful unpredictability of creating and traveling.

2501's Progressive Street Art

2501 is an artist who will continue to produce progressive visuals because he is the type of artist who’s not bounded by styles or concepts. His art is instinctive. He does whatever he wants and this attitude provides him a lot of freedom for experimentation and development. In an interview for DOZE collective 2501 said: “Progress is everything. Art is research and the research can’t stop. Art is always in motion.” This just makes it obvious that 2501 will never stop making art that pushes even his own boundaries. This just shows that we will see more amazing works from this artist.

2501 lives in Milan.